The A-Space company specializes in various fit-out and renovation sectors including residential and commercial.

A-Space is equipped with a team of highly skilled architects, engineers, and designers who work collaboratively to bring the client's vision to life.

Our services


  • Comprehensive interior design services for commercial and private real estate.
  • Professional installation of furniture and additional elements to create a cozy and functional environment
  • Individual approach to each project, taking into account the client's needs and adhering to deadlines.


  • Evaluation of the property's potential and development of an effective strategy to increase its value.
  • A team of specialists, including designers, architects, and construction crews, to perform high-quality renovation work.
  • Maximizing profit from the sale of the property through smart pricing policies and marketing strategies.

Villa renovation

  • Сreation of individual design and reconstruction concepts that align with the owner's preferences.
  • Execution of renovation work using high-quality materials and modern technologies.
  • Improving the functionality of the villa and increasing its value through innovative solutions and updates to security systems.

NOC Permits

  • Professional consultation and assistance in obtaining all necessary permits and licenses for construction projects.
  • Unique knowledge of the permit system and excellent connections with local authorities to expedite the permit process.
  • Safe and lawful execution of construction or reconstruction, in compliance with local requirements and regulations.

Landscape Design

  • Вevelopment of individual garden or landscape designs, taking into account climate conditions and architectural style.
  • Selection of plants and materials, creation of unique compositions and landscape elements.
  • Installation of irrigation systems, lighting, and decorative elements to create a beautiful and well-maintained landscape.

Interior Design

  • Development and design of interiors for residential spaces, commercial buildings, and public places.
  • Installation and assembly of furniture, lighting, thermal and sound insulation systems, ventilation, and air conditioning.
  • Development of innovative approaches to interior design: the use of new materials and technologies, integration of smart home systems.


  • Comprehensive approach to interior decoration, including the selection and installation of furniture, decorative elements, and lighting.
  • Provision of services for choosing materials, textures, color schemes, and creating a harmonious interior design.
  • Collaboration with leading designers and furniture manufacturers to ensure high quality and originality of the decor.


  • Planning and organization of renovation works in houses, apartments, offices, and shopping centers.
  • Development and implementation of individual renovation concepts: from classic to modern styles, taking into account clients needs.
  • High-quality selection and use of construction materials, furniture, and finishing elements that create aesthetic and functional value in spaces.

Project support

  • Conducting all necessary research and documenting project requirements.
  • Coordination and management of various stages of the construction process, from contract signing to project completion.
  • Implementation of modern technologies and the use of intelligent systems to ensure efficiency and precision in the construction process.

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About our company

More than 12 years we have been creating beautiful interiors around the world. We understand how important it is to find a professional building contractor you can truly trust. That is why in our work we are guided by our key principles:

  • high professionalism on projects of any level
  • transparency of the terms of the contract
  • official 3 years warranty on all types of work
  • full turnkey support at all stages of work

Our professional knowledge and many years of experience will help you avoid possible problems with project documentation, approvals, and repair permits.

Call us right now and get a free professional consultation on any construction issues!


Designer renovation from
idea to implementation


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The meeting is assigned to the measurer

03measurement service

The measurer at the time agreed with the client travels to the site and conducts a consultation and measurement.

Then he prepares an estimate and within 24 hours sends an estimateto the client for consideration


After approving the estimate, our team prepares the contract documents, which the client signs to initiate the work.


After approving the estimate, our team prepares all the necessary materials and resources for the project.


Our skilled team carries out the project according to the agreed plan and schedule.


After completing the project, a final inspection is conducted to ensure that everything meets the client's expectations and standards.

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We can only estimate repair costs after assessing the property and discussing expectations. Our manager will provide information on the amount of work, price, and duration to assist in decision-making.

It's free. We are interested in making sure that you have only pleasant impressions, and a free estimate is our way to take care of you from the very beginning of cooperation.


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